Eid dessert favourite Basbosa



How do you like your basbosa? I like mine packed with almonds🤗.

Basbosa literally means gave a kiss because it’s sweet like a kiss🙈😍 A middle eastern dessert made from semolina flour, coconut, and almonds, then drizzled with sugar syrup🤗 best served with Arabic coffee.
Ingredients and Directions:

[ ] 1 cup semolina
[ ] 1/2 cup a mix of oil and melted butter
[ ] Mix the oil and semolina together well before adding the rest .

[ ]After mixing the semolina and oil add the following and mix well.
[ ] 1/2 cup sugar
[ ] 1/3 yoghurt
[ ] 1/3 coconut
[ ] 1 tsp baking powder

[ ] Put the mix in a sprayed baking pan, tap the pan, and equally distribute the mix with a spatula.
[ ] Add Almonds on top and press lightely
[ ] put in middle rack at 350F ~30min until edges are golden/brown then grill for 2 mins and watch it constantly to prevent burning
[ ] Syrup:
[ ] 1 cup sugar
[ ] 1/2 cup water

[ ] Add the suger and water in a pot, stir, then let ot boil.
[ ] squeeze few drops of lime on syrup after it boils .

[ ] Add it to the the baked basbosa bit by bit while both are hot.

[ ] let it cool abit, then enjoy with a side of whipping cream, shredded coconut, and a small mug of arabic coffee with cardamom.

Eid Mubarak!


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