Homemade Sugar free Nutella

40 grams toasted hazelnuts
30 grams 100% dark chocolate
6 Tb heavy cream or coconut cream
2 Tb lakanto ( increase for your liking)
4 rounds Himalayan salt
– Add the cream and sugar and stir, then put in the microwave for 30 seconds
– Whisk the mix with a milk frother
– Toast the hazelnuts on medium low, then peel it off
– Chop the chocolate to small pieces
– Add the hazelnuts and chopped chocolate to a spice grinder
– Mix and add the cream mixture bit by it until the consistency is nice and smooth.
– Add 4 rounds of himalayan salt and mix with a spoon until dissolved
– Adjust the salt to get rid of any after taste
– Put in a jar and leave in the fridge
– Before using, put it on the counter for a little bit to loosen, or leave it outside if you will consume the amount within a week
– If you like it sweeter increase the lakanto but also increase the himalayan salt to balance the taste.- You can get Lakanto from Costco it’s way cheaper than elsewhere.

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