Homemade Sugar free Nutella made from 100 % dark chocolate

40 grams toasted hazelnuts
30 grams 100% dark chocolate
6 Tb heavy cream or coconut cream
2 Tb lakanto ( increase for your liking)
4 rounds Himalayan salt
– Add the cream and sugar and stir, then put in the microwave for 30 seconds
– Whisk the mix with a milk frother
– Toast the hazelnuts on medium low, then peel it off
– Chop the chocolate to small pieces
– Add the hazelnuts and chopped chocolate to a spice grinder
– Mix and add the cream mixture bit by it until the consistency is nice and smooth.
– Add 4 rounds of himalayan salt and mix with a spoon until dissolved
– Adjust the salt to get rid of any after taste
– Put in a jar and leave in the fridge
– Before using, put it on the counter for a little bit to loosen, or leave it outside if you will consume the amount within a week
– If you like it sweeter increase the lakanto but also increase the himalayan salt to balance the taste.- You can get Lakanto from Costco it’s way cheaper than elsewhere.

Stuffed Filet mignon


With this amazing carrot stuffed beef, you will eat it and come back for more. Make sure to pick the correct meat cut “Filet mignon”, it’s very tender and melts in your mouth.

Oven backed potatoes with chicken

One of my favourite Egyptian dishes, very simple, yet full of aromatic favours